Welcome to CurryPots spice mixes

We sell hand blended curry spice mixes that produce a banging curry just like a takeaway each time.  Our spice mix is easy to use, super fresh and healthy.  Time to get your spice on!

Curry Spice Mixes £4.99

CurryPots offers a wide range of curry blends which includes something for everyone, from the very mild balti blend, to a Naga Curry Spice Mix. All of these are hand-blended with the highest quality spices.

Mild to Mega Spicy

Currypots.co.uk allows you you to explore and have fun cooking super tasty healthy curry at home.  Our curry pots spice mixes are all hand-blended and made with the best quality ingredients.

Fast Delivery

We ship orders out the same day where possible so you can be cracking off a banging curry for your loved ones / mates in super quick time.  Our spice curry mixes are best served with cold beer!  Free shipping for orders over £10.


Hand Roasted Spices

Welcome to Currypots.co.uk where we take hand roasted & blended spices to the next level so you can enjoy fresh and healthy curries at home.  

Karachi Curry

This is one of our best sellers. A deep red, fiery and spicy curry blend is typical of Pakistan.  Its named after the regions capital – Karachi. Based on ground Kashmiri red chilli, balanced with mustard oil and fenugreek leaves

Karachi Spice MIx

Currypots Story

We are madly in love with Indian food and have been discussing and cooking curry for over 20 years so we thought why not bring super fresh hand blended curry spice mixes to the world.  We think you will love our curry spice mix blends.

I have to say a big thank you to currypots i cooked the balti curry mix for my Uni friends, they were blown away.  Thanks!

Paul Brown

Curry Fan

Yes i will be ordering more curry spice mixes, we did the Naga chill boom boom - wow it delivered.

Steve Perry

spice man

I wanted to thank you for the super fresh and healthy spice mix.  We really enjoyed making our dish and knowing exactly what went into it.  Super healthy.

Sibian C

Home Cook

Our curry spice mixes will blow your mind

They are shipped fast, are super fresh and make an amazing curry and at a great price of £4.99 including free shipping for orders over £10.  Just follow our super simple curry recipe to use the spices and I guarantee you will knock this out the park.  Time to get your spice on!